Being Jolene – NOW LIVE!

It’s here! It’s here! Being Jolene is finally live! AND It’s only  $1.99 for Release Day so get it now!! You can get it here:

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Available Now The trend in the self-publishing world is that you publish and you do it fast. I totally failed in that aspect. Being Jolene is coming out 11 months after Finding June *Facepalm* but in that time I finished my Masters degree, moved twice, started two new jobs, had the best. summer. ever. in the mountains, and wrote this book. And I can’t wait for you all to read it! This book is a lot different than Finding June. Jolene is much more intense. There’s more angst, more drama and the steam has risen in this book. So make sure to pick it up while it’s on sale! If you read it, loved it, leave a review! Send me an email, stop by and say hi on Facebook! And to keep up to date on all news and releases sign up for the Newsletter


Being Jolene- Pre Order!

Hello lovelies!

2015 is here and less than two months before Being Jolene comes out. I am so excited for you guys to read Jolene’s story and meet Ty…..

Being Jolene is officially up for pre-order! Click the button below to Pre-Order.



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